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Sacramento County jury convicts six in pot cultivation case

A Sacramento County jury convicted six defendants today for pot-related offenses after authorities recovered more than $1 million in plants from homes in the Sacramento and Elk Grove areas.

The defendants had doctors’ notes permitting them to have 198 plants, but 1,700 were seized, according to a news release from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.

Convicted of cultivation and possession for sale of marijuana were: Lixia Ban, Sinh Van Pham, Yabao Lai, Guanmao Chen, Fa Yin Xian and Shunyi Chen.

The 1,700 plants were found in four homes. A doctor’s note was posted in each house, according to the release.

During trial in Sacramento Superior Court, the defendants argued that the plants were for medicinal use and that they were covered by the Compassionate Use Act and the Medical Marijuana Protection Act. Prosecutors argued that the pot instead was for commercial purposes, and the jury agreed.

The defendants are scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 10.