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Authorities remove 29 dogs from Nevada County property

More than two dozen dogs in poor condition have been seized from a property in rural Nevada County, sheriff’s officials said.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office was told by citizens that dogs were not being fed at a property in the 16000 block of Bear Trap Road, north of Nevada City. The dogs also were not spayed or neutered so they were having puppies under less than ideal conditions.

On Saturday, deputies and animal control officers took control of 26 dogs. The animals were described as being in poor condition and there was no food at the property, according to a sheriff’s press release.

Several dogs ran into the woods on Saturday, requiring authorities to return on Sunday. On Sunday, the owner commanded the dogs to run away. Eventually, animal control officers were able to convince him that it was in the best interest of his animals to be captured.

Three dogs were captured with the owner’s reluctant help, according to deputies. The owner had no dog food or money, deputies said.

More dogs may still be running wild on the property. Animal control will continue to search for any remaining dogs.

The dogs that were seized were taken to Sammie’s Friends Animal Shelter so that they can be examined by a veterinarian, according to the sheriff’s press release.