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Three Sacramento residents arrested for poaching fish

A family fishing team has been arrested on suspicion of illegally selling sport-caught fish, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said Saturday.

Wildlife officers arrested Luan Van Dao, 51, and his wife, Mung Thi Bui, 49. Their son, Tuan Anh Dao, 29, was also taken into custody. The three Sacramento residents face charges of felony conspiracy and illegal sale of sport-caught fish.

In mid-November, the three allegedly fished in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and stashed the poached fish in a hidden compartment, according to CDFW. Investigators believe that the family sold the fish regularly to an established network of buyers.

“These poachers are taking away from the legal and legitimate anglers,” said CDFW Law Enforcement Division Cpt. Rudy Arruda in a news release.

The three were previously arrested in 2006 for the same offenses.