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Few arrests at Old Sacramento New Year’s fireworks show

Tuesday night’s New Year’s Eve fireworks show in Old Sacramento resulted in fewer than a dozen arrests, police said, a year after the event was marred by two fatal shootings.

Up to 20,000 people attended the annual event downtown, police said

“It went extremely well,” police spokesman Officer Doug Morse said Wednesday. “There were no major issues.”

Last year’s event was disrupted when two people were shot dead in Sports Corner Cafe, a bar at Second and K streets, after a man accidentally spilled beer on a woman, prompting a fight.

Two people were arrested Tuesday night, however, when one of them shot a gun into the air from a garage in Old Sacramento just after midnight, police said. Police heard the firearm and immediately arrested one man for negligent discharge of a firearm. A woman with him was also arrested. The man appeared to be shooting the gun into the air in celebration of New Year.

Police said they made five arrests for public inebriation this year. They also made two arrests of people who were wanted on felony warrants and one arrest for theft.

About 100 officers were on duty for the event, the same number as last year.