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Sacramento man to serve jail time after fraud scheme involving stolen Escalade

A 38-year-old man was sentenced to a year in jail today after he went to great lengths to hide the fact he possessed a stolen car, according to authorities.

Kevin Marcus Johnson, who is of no relation to Mayor Kevin Johnson, also will serve five years on felony probation for felony convictions of receiving stolen property and filing a fraudulent document with the Department of Motor Vehicles, according to a news release from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.

The charges stem from Johnson’s efforts to cover up the origins of a 2002 Cadillac Escalade he bought in April 2010 for $8,500, the release states. Unbeknownst to Johnson, the owner owed $28,000 on the car and, as part of an insurance fraud scam, fraudulently reported that the Escalade was stolen.

Johnson figured out the scam, but refused to allow the California Highway Patrol to inspect the Escalade when he inquired about getting its title, the release states. He then spent thousands of dollars rebuilding the car with Escalade parts attached to a GMC Yukon frame and body he bought at a salvage yard. And in trying to get the vehicle registered as a salvaged Yukon under his girlfriend’s name, he filed a fraudulent vehicle inspection certificate with the DMV.

Sacramento police officers stopped Johnson in August 2011 when he tried to evade a DUI checkpoint, according to the release. They then discovered the vehicle’s origins as a stolen Escalade, and arrested Johnson.