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UPDATE: Search turns up numerous suspicious bundles on perimeter of Sac State campus

Four suspicious devices – all eventually deemed harmless – were found on the campus of Sacramento State on Thursday morning, and further searches during the day turned up approximately 10 additional taped bundles along the perimeter of the campus, CSUS police reported.

Before Thursday’s discoveries, six suspicious objects had been found dating back to September, according to university police. In all previous instances, the objects found on campus looked suspicious but were actually wrapped-up items of no danger.

The four devices found Thursday morning were discovered not far from the Guy West Bridge. University police asked the Sacramento police bomb squad to X-ray at least one of the objects as a precaution.

The bundles found during the follow-up search were primarily along the train track berm, according to an online update posted by campus police, who reported that officers were analyzing and removing them.

Previous packages have included such items as a partially filled bottle of suntan lotion, screws, a portion of a computer circuit board, a tea cup and a toy.

“But they are wrapped up in black tape and in a couple of occasions there was a wire sticking out of them,” said Sacramento State police chief Mark Iwasa. “They turned out to be junk. But you have to do your due-diligence on them.”