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Police arrest suspect in killing at auto parts store

A Foothill Farms auto parts store erupted into a scene of chaos and gore Thursday night during an apparent robbery that left one employee dead, a customer said Friday.

The witness, who gave his name only as Israel for fear of retribution, said he was in the O’Reilly Auto Parts store in the 4000 block of Elkhorn Boulevard about 7 p.m. with his sister buying parts for his vehicle. Minutes later, an African American man wearing a hoodie entered and asked to use the store phone, Israel said.

The clerk dialed the number for the man but no one picked up, leading him to leave the building, Israel said. The store phone rang back seconds after, but the clerk told the caller that the man had already left.

Five minutes later, the man returned to the store, walking toward the counter and brushing shoulders with Israel.

“He was on a mission. He didn’t even see me,” Israel said of the man.

Moments later, an altercation erupted between the clerk and the man.

“They tussled, then the clerk stabbed him with a knife,” Israel said. “(The man) turned around and shot the clerk.”

“Lots of blood, it was on the wall and on the ground,” Israel added.

After hearing the gunshot, Israel ducked and ran for his car, he said. At least 15 sheriff’s deputies later swarmed the strip mall.

Israel talked to The Sacramento Bee on Friday outside the store. He was returning an item and showed a receipt with a time stamp just before the incident took place.

A suspect, 26-year-old Michael Eugene Addson, was arrested overnight after going to a Sacramento County hospital for treatment of a stab wound, according to Sgt. Lisa Bowman, Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman. Evidence at the store and the type of wound led detectives to believe the injured man allegedly committed the robbery and homicide.

Addson was booked into the Sacramento Main County Jail late Friday afternoon and is being held without bail.

According to the preliminary investigation, three employees and two customers were in the store about 7:15 p.m. Thursday when a man came in and ordered the customers and two of the employees into a back room.

The man demanded that the third employee open the cash register. As the employee went to open the register, he and the robber apparently began fighting and the employee stabbed the suspect.

“He didn’t get any money or merchandise,” Bowman said. “He shot back and ran away.”

Hearing the gunshot, another employee came out of the back room, found his wounded co-worker and dialed 911.

The wounded employee, a 22-year-old man whose name has not been released, was transported to a hospital, where he died.

Bowman said the suspect will likely be charged with homicide and robbery.

On Friday, employees were tight-lipped about the incident, referring all questions to the company’s corporate headquarters in Missouri. Though the store was open for business, a huge red stain remained on the floor in front of the counter.

A spokesman for O’Reilly Auto Parts declined comment.