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Sutter County Sheriff’s Office warns of tax-related phone scam

The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a telephone scam targeting area residents in which the caller claims to be with the Internal Revenue Service.

The scam involves phone calls from individuals who identify themselves by name and state that they are with the IRS. The callers ask for a member of the household by name and inform the individuals that they are delinquent in a tax payment, which needs to be immediately resolved, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release. The scammers request that the targeted individuals obtain money from their accounts and wire the money within 60 minutes. The callers also tell the victims to stay on the phone with them as they make the money transaction.

People who receive suspicious calls are advised not to give out personal information, such as Social Security and bank account numbers.

Anyone with information regarding such fraud activity is advised to report the incidents to their local law enforcement agency.