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Help sought finding dog that bit woman in Davis

Yolo County Animal Services officials are asking the public’s help in finding a dog that was involved in a biting incident in the area of North Star Park in Davis last week.

The incident occurred about 10 a.m. Feb. 7. A woman was walking a black female Labrador retriever on a leash in the park area when the victim and the dog walker stopped to say hello. The victim, a woman, bent down to pet the dog and was bitten, according to a Yolo County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The victim described the dog owner as white, approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall, with average build, gray hair and wearing a gray-blue pullover shirt.

The victim recalled the dog owner saying that the dog was healthy, but the owner then walked away without providing information for follow-up on the dog’s rabies vaccination.

Anyone with information regarding the bite incident, or the location of the owner or the dog, is asked to call Animal Services or the Davis Police Department. Identifying the dog to verify current rabies vaccination could spare the victim post-exposure rabies treatment.

Animal Services officials note that several recent bite cases have been the result of someone trying to pet a dog that they didn’t know. They caution people that the instinct of many dogs is to protect their owner, and the animals may sense movement by a stranger toward that person as an aggressive gesture. Many owners also don’t realize until it is too late that their dog may bite when a threat is perceived, so asking the owner if you can pet their dog does not assure that the dog will not bite.

Authorities also remind dog owners that if their dog bites someone, it is the owner’s responsibility to report it to Yolo County Animal Services so vaccinations can be verified.

Information regarding dog bites, including the recent incident, may be reported by calling the Sheriff’s Department’s Animal Services section at (530) 668-5287, or sending email to