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Plea deal reached in 2008 gang killing

A man who was awaiting a retrial after an appellate court overturned his voluntary manslaughter conviction has pleaded no contest to the same charge in a 2008 street-gang shooting death.

Marvel Montreal Barksdale, 21, entered his plea on Feb. 6. He will be sentenced to 14 years in state prison when he returns to Sacramento Superior Court on March 6. He had previously been sentenced to 26 years on the conviction that was overturned.

Barksdale took the deal in the Aug. 22, 2008, shooting death of Robert Haynes, 16, at a house party on Detroit Boulevard in the Meadowview neighborhood.

His 2010 conviction was overturned by the state’s Third District Court of Appeal on grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel.

The panel made the finding on defense attorney Chris Cosca for allowing Barksdale’s jury to be presented with certain polygraph information. Cosca insisted that the decision actually benefited Barksdale, who had been charged with first-degree murder but was convicted on the lesser charge.