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UPDATE: I-80 off ramp in Roseville reopens, but damaged signals could mean commute headache

The eastbound Douglas Boulevard off-ramp from Interstate 80 in Roseville has reopened following a crash early Wednesday afternoon, but authorities continue to warn of possible commute problems for motorists.

The City of Roseville reported that a traffic accident at Douglas Boulevard and North Sunrise initially closed the eastbound I-80 off-ramp onto Douglas Boulevard. The crash damaged traffic signal controls.

They reported that injuries to the people involved in the crash were minor, and some limited traffic signals are in place. But city officials recommend that motorists avoid the intersection until further notice and find alternative routes home, as traffic remains heavy at the intersection of Douglas Boulevard and Sunrise Avenue.

The Douglas-Sunrise intersection is the second busiest intersection in Roseville, with 77,000 cars a day traveling through it.

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