Crime - Sacto 911

No theft of artifacts from California Railroad Museum break-in

A break-in occurred overnight at the California Railroad Museum but officials said no artifacts were stolen.

Steve Van Etten, state parks peace officer supervisor, said no damage was done to artifacts and no items are missing. The museum remained open to the public.

A small portion of the museum was cordoned off where displays cases were smashed. The intruders broke through a couple of windows to enter the museum, said Van Etten.

“Nothing is missing nor damaged, other than some display cases,” he said.

Van Etten said that one valued item, the so-called Lost Spike, is accounted for. In a ceremony on May 10, 1869, the golden Last Spike of the Transcontinental Railroad was driven into a railroad crosstie at Promontory, Utah.

It was cast in 1869 along with a golden twin. The Last Spike is at Stanford University.

The other golden spike, the Lost Spike, was privately held for more than 100 years until acquired by the museum in 2005.

It remains with the museum, said Van Etten.