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Yolo County DA warns of phone, email scams

The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is warning of two scams, one involving a supposed AT&T prize promotion and the other, an email threat of foreclosure.

In the first scam, residents reported receiving a computer generated telephone call supposedly from AT&T indicating they had won $100 off their phone bill. The call directed the resident to “log on” to their account at the website, which looks legitimate but is a fake, according to a District Attorney’s Office news release.

Officials warn that such calls typically are part of a “phishing” scheme in which the caller goes “phishing” for the victim’s information, usually by setting up a phony website where the victim is asked to supply such information as account numbers, passwords, pin numbers or Social Security numbers. If the individual provides that information, his or her accounts and other assets may be stolen.

Officials advise never opening or responding to emails that ask for personal information.

The other scam involves an email that states the recipient is being evicted from his or her home. The official-sounding “foreclosure notice” is designed to frighten recipients into responding quickly when they are upset and not thinking clearly.

People who receive an unexpected or unsolicited email or this sort are advised to contact their bank or real estate agent before responding.

For more information on ways to detect and report scams, including real estate and financial fraud, call Derek Soriano with the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, (530) 406-4503.