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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: Was suspect arrested in 1989 slaying of student at Sacramento’s Fremont School for Adults?

My friend Charles Bunn was murdered years ago at the Fremont School for Adults in Sacramento, and I have not heard anything else regarding it. If I remember correctly, it was between 1989 and 1995.

– Daniel, Sacramento

Charles Bunn, 18, was shot and killed about mid-morning May 3, 1989 when he was reportedly confronted by a fellow student in the hallway of the Fremont Adult Education building at 2420 N St. in Sacramento.

There are no reports of arrests in the case.

According, to stories in The Bee, Bunn and his alleged assailant had been involved in a fight the day before, and police believed revenge was the motive for the shooting.

Bunn’s assailant was initially identified as Arspuro Luis Quintero, 19, who also used the first name, Jose, and whose last known address was in Roseville. Police later concluded that the suspect had used a false name when he enrolled at the school and, according to a May 1990 story in The Bee, his true name was not known.

Police said they believed the suspect ambushed Bunn, confronting him just inside a side door that opens onto N Street.