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CHP pickup and car collide in Yolo County

A California Highway Patrol pickup truck with emergency lights and siren activated collided with a car Wednesday at an offramp between Esparto and Woodland, causing minor injuries.

About 10 a.m. the officer in the black and white CHP pickup with camper shell was eastbound on Highway 16 approaching the Interstate 505 overcrossing.

A CHP news release said the officer was traveling “Code 3” with lights and siren activated in response to a call of an officer down needing assistance in the Woodland area.

The caller misreported the state of the officer in need of assistance, said CHP Officer John Pinoli. The pickup was en route to assist an uninjured officer who was breaking up an altercation between two males in downtown Woodland, he said.

Eastbound traffic had yielded and moved slightly to the right to allow the officer to pass. At the same time, a 71-year-old Rio Vista man in a Toyota Corolla was stopped at a red light on the northbound I-505 offramp waiting to make a left turn onto westbound Highway 16.

The driver later told the CHP that he heard the siren but did not know the location of the emergency vehicle. When the light turned green, the motorist drove into the intersection.

As he entered the intersection, the man indicated that that he saw the patrol vehicle with lights activated and siren sounding so he came to a stop. The officer drove into the intersection, believing that it was clear and all drivers had yielded.

At that point, the driver suddenly drove further into the intersection in front of the officer’s vehicle, according to the news release. The officer took evasive action, but was unable to maneuver around the Corolla.

A collision occurred and the CHP patrol vehicle came to rest against a signal light pole.

No injury was reported to the officer. The driver of the car suffered what were described as minor injuries.