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Alert citizen tips police to impending burglary in Natomas

Three youths were taken into custody with the aid of police dogs after an alert tipster saw them casing a Natomas home.

What Sacramento police described as “a very observant witness” called to report the young people were acting suspiciously in the area of Las Coches Way at about 10 a.m. Wednesday. The person asked the police to investigate because it appeared the youths were sizing up homes to burglarize.

More calls came into police that said the teens had entered a back yard. When officers arrived, the suspects were forcing their way into a home.

The trio fled. One teen was quickly apprehended with the help a police dog.

The two others climbed onto a rooftop, but surrendered since other police dogs and their officer handlers were nearby.

Detectives plan to investigate whether the teens are connected to other burglaries or thefts in Natomas.