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Sacramento police warn of phone scammers claiming to be law enforcement officers

Sacramento police are warning residents of a telephone scam in which the caller claims to be a law enforcement officer with a warrant for the potential victim’s arrest.

Police say the scam has been reported locally and around the country. Potential victims have received calls from individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers. The callers typically have some of the victims’ personal information, including their address, phone number, date of birth and sometimes their Social Security numbers.

Victims are told that a warrant is out for their arrest and unless they pay a fictitious fine over the phone, officers will soon arrive at their home and take them into custody.

Police say law enforcement agencies generally do not collect fines over the phone. Anyone who receives such a call is advised to ask to speak to a supervisor, hang up and call the agency that supposedly is requesting the payment to verify the claims.

Police stress that people are not obligated to provide any personal information over the phone to anyone. People who think their information has been compromised are advised to call their local law enforcement agency. Those receiving calls that they suspect are scams are urged not to give out information, but to note the phone number from which the suspect is calling and the agency the suspect claims to represent. This information will assist in any investigation, police said.