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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: What is status of trial for tax preparer accused of mortgage fraud?

Please tell me and the Slavic community, what is the status of the Vera Kuzmenko trial? Will it start April 7?

– Edward, Sacramento

The trial for Vera Kuzmenko, previously scheduled to begin April 7, has been rescheduled.

According to federal court documents available online, a jury trial for Kuzmenko and several co-defendants is now set for Jan. 12, 2015. A trial confirmation hearing is scheduled for Oct. 21.

Kuzmenko, a tax preparer, is one of more than 80 people indicted in 30 cases of alleged mortgage fraud filed by the U.S. District Court in Sacramento and involving members of the area’s Slavic community, according to stories in The Bee. A federal grand jury indicted Kuzmenko in May 2011, alleging that she recruited dozens of straw buyers and helped them fill out bogus loan applications.

She has denied personally handling any of the loans and property sales, blaming the problems on the lender.