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Rocklin police alert residents to possible mountain lion sightings

Rocklin police urge residents to be vigilant after several reports that a possible mountain lion was seen in city neighborhoods.

Over the last two months, the Police Department has received calls regarding possible sightings of a large cat or mountain lion in residential areas.

The first sighting was reported at 4:26 p.m. Feb. 21 when a resident of Morgan Court called police about a “bobcat” in his backyard. The resident provided officers with a picture of the large cat, which resembles a mountain lion, according to a Police Department news release. The cat was gone when officers arrived, but based on the photograph, police say they believed it was a credible sighting of a mountain lion and immediately notified the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

At 1:53 p.m. Friday, officers were called to the area of Parker Whitney School to check on a possible “mountain lion” seen in the area. Officers checked the area using binoculars but were unable to locate the animal.

School officials were immediately notified, and students were temporarily placed on lock-down while officers searched the area. The search for paw prints or scat turned up no physical evidence of a mountain lion, police said.

On Sunday, a resident of the 5300 block of Humboldt Drive called police at 10:48 p.m. to report that “a large cat or mountain lion” was in the area and was suspected of killing a domesticated cat. Officers responded but found no sign of the animal. Police said the Department of Fish and Wildlife was again notified of the sighting.

Police advise residents to be alert and aware of their surrounding, and to keep an eye on children and small animals, particularly in wooded areas, and at dusk or nighttime. Anyone who encounters a mountain line is advised to:

Make yourself appear as large as possible. Do not crouch or bend over.

Never turn your back or run from a mountain lion.

Slowly create distance and give the animal a chance to escape.

Protect pets and keep them inside if possible

Report any sightings to the Police Department.