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Sacramento Metro Fire to expand reserve firefighter program

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District is looking for people who are willing to drop what they are doing at the sound of a pager and respond to fire, medical and other emergencies in their community.

The district announced that it is expanding its Reserve Firefighter Program, which gives people in the community an opportunity to serve as team members with the district. Reserve firefighters are not full-time district employees. They respond when paged and receive a small stipend for their time on duty. They also receive training that can lead to a career.

District officials said the success of the program has prompted the expansion. This year, Metro Fire will hire up to 25 additional reserve firefighters. Currently, all reserves operate from Rio Linda, but reserve stations will eventually expand to other areas of the district. Firefighter training will be a regular activity for both experienced and newly hired reserves.

Participants can learn the basics of firefighting while providing support to firefighting operations. Reserve firefighters do not enter dangerous environments, but they do drive and operate water tenders, which are used to supply water in areas with limited access. They also staff an air unit to refill firefighters’ air cylinders, and they establish rehab stations on larger fires for crews to recover after an extensive effort.

“The design of the expanded reserve program is twofold,” Assistant Chief Bill Daniels said in a written statement. “Reduce operation costs by internally supporting the needs of the district, while developing and mentoring the future firefighters within our own community.”

For information about the program, visit the district’s website and click on the “Careers” tab.