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House explodes; Truckee man arrested for allegedly manufacturing hash oil

A Truckee man was arrested Wednesday after his alleged hash-oil manufacturing attempts went awry, causing his house to explode.

Douglas Hall, 54, who suffered burns on his face and hands in the incident, was arrested on suspicion of possession of concentrated cannabis, manufacturing controlled substances with chemicals and felony child endangerment.

He was booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility in Nevada City.

Hall’s girlfriend and young child were in the house, in the Ponderosa Palisades subdivision, at the time of the explosion, about 4:45 p.m.

They were not injured, but the house suffered extensive damage from the blast and was red-tagged by the town Building Department.

According to a Truckee Police Department news release, Hall admitted to manufacturing and selling the hash oil to cannabis clubs in the San Francisco area.

“BHO (butane honey oil, another name for hash oil) use and manufacturing is a growing trend which is soon to reach epidemic proportions,” Police Capt. Rob Leftwich said in the release.

“Putting the debate about medical use aside, there is no argument that the BHO extraction process is incredibly dangerous to everyone in the household,” Leftwich said. “The truly disturbing trend is the growing number of teens and young adults who use BHO … and if those users start manufacturing their own BHO, this very scary trend will continue.”