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Littering complaint draws gunfire in Roseville

A man who complained about another person throwing trash on the ground was shot at when he followed the litterer’s car, Roseville police reported.

Police said that one of three people who stopped at a gas station near Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Fairway Drive about 7:45 p.m. Wednesday tossed trash on the ground. A bystander picked up the trash and exchanged words with the litterer, according to a police activity report.

The litterer threatened the man before the trash tosser drove away. The man who was upset about the littering followed and called police.

At one point, the car with the litterer made a u-turn and one of the people inside fired a shot. Nobody was struck by the gunfire.

Police arrested Francisco Alexis Noriega, 20, Esperanza Romero, 20, and Dionicio Serrano, 19, all of Sacramento on suspicion of assault with a firearm and other related charges, police said.