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All in a day's work: Woman hanging from Old Sac garage pulled to safety by officers

A trio of police officers on Easter morning succeeded in pulling a woman to safety who had been hanging off the top of an Old Sacramento garage.

A caller reported the woman was sitting on the top of the multi-story parking garage on Neasham Circle near the Tower Bridge about 10:45 a.m. Sunday. As soon as officers arrived on scene, they quickly made their way to the top floor where the woman, who was described as despondent, was hanging off the ledge, according to a police activity report.

An officer reached over the ledge and grabbed the woman. During the life-saving maneuver, in order to lessen the danger to the officer, two other officers held onto his belt, anchoring him in place.

The officer was able to lift her back over the edge and take her into custody. She was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant.