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Yolo officials report no cats found on Sacramento River driftwood pile

Yolo County sheriff’s officials say reports of a cat stranded on driftwood pile in the Sacramento River appear to be unfounded.

Since April 25, the sheriff’s animal services section has received reports from the public that a cat had been seen on a large driftwood pile in the river under the Interstate 5 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge. Animal services officers have been unable to find the cat, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

The driftwood pile is approximately 20 feet by 50 feet and is 30 feet from the west bank of the river, on the Yolo County side of the bridge. After receiving several reports of a cat on the pile, animal services officers inspected the pile with the assistance of the West Sacramento Fire Department rescue boat. Although no cats were found, animal services officer reported finding three empty cat traps that appeared to have been placed there by individuals not affiliated with a public safety agency.

Cynthia Delany, the Sheriff’s office’s staff veterinarian, advised that if a cat were on the driftwood pile and in distress, it would have gone into one of the traps to get the food. Sheriff’s officials said the traps recovered by animal services officers still contained food that was untouched. Delany also said that a cat could swim the distance between the shore and the driftwood pile.

Sheriff Ed Prieto said the driftwood pile appears to be debris that gradually accumulated over the past several months.

“Though not an immediate threat of breaking loose and heading downstream, we have determined that this pile is extremely unstable and a danger to people walking on it,” the sheriff said in a written statement, cautioning people to stay off the pile.