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Richmond residents accused of targeting Placer Target stores with counterfeit cards

Placer County sheriff’s detectives Tuesday arrested two Richmond residents at a Rocklin Target store on suspicion of identity theft, burglary, grand theft and using fraudulent access devices.

Two weeks earlier, a group of Richmond residents was arrested at the Auburn Target store, accused of similar offenses, according to a Sheriff’s Department news release.

Darryl Lee Brown Jr., 33, and Keshia Lashra Owens, 24, were observed by a deputy and detective who were at the store. The officers watched Brown use stolen credit cards to purchase items with gift cards, sheriff’s officials said.

When Brown returned to his car and began rolling a marijuana cigarette, the detective approached the car. Brown was detained and more than 30 Target bags filled with recently purchased clothes and baby items were found in the car, along with numerous $100 Target gift cards, authorities said.

Owens was still in the store and deputies asked her to step outside. She had numerous credit cards with her name on them. The cards were later checked and determined to have stolen credit card numbers embedded in the cards’ magnetic strip, sheriff’s officials said.

During the investigation, detectives found photos that showed a download of credit card numbers. Sheriff’s officials said it appeared that Brown was buying personal information online and using it to create counterfeit cards.

Brown and Owens were transported to Placer County Jail. Because of jail overcrowding, Owens was released with a promise to appear. Brown’s bail was set at $110,000. Authorities said he posted bail Wednesday.