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Woman dragged by vehicle on Freeport Boulevard; driver jailed

A woman who got out of her vehicle after it was rear-ended at Freeport Boulevard and Florin Road on Thursday afternoon ended up being struck and dragged into the intersection by the other vehicle, which then left the scene, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

Maria Avalos, 47, was later arrested and booked into Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of felony hit and run, driving under the influence and being an unlicensed driver.

Police reported that a black sport-utility vehicle was struck by a blue vehicle, and when the driver of the SUV got out of her car, the blue vehicle hit her and dragged her into the intersection.

Motorist Joe Weems said he witnessed the incident about 2:45 p.m. as he was on southbound Freeport, stopped in a left-turn lane waiting to turn onto Florin Road. Weems said there are two left-turn lanes at that location and he was behind two other vehicles in the No. 2 turn lane. The driver in front of him started to maneuver out of the turn lane back into the southbound traffic lane and in doing so, hit the back of the SUV in front of her, he said.

The SUV driver got out of her vehicle and went to the driver’s window of the car that hit hers. Weems said he could not hear what was said, but the driver in the car put her vehicle in reverse, then started to drive off, somehow catching the woman who was standing next to the vehicle. Weems said the woman was dragged into the intersection. The vehicle then headed east on Florin Road.

Weems said a man in a pickup truck followed the fleeing vehicle and stopped it about a half-mile away.

The woman who was struck was conscious and talking to people who came to her aid, Weems said. He said a child, who appeared to be 5 or 6 years old, was a passenger in the SUV.

Police said the woman who was struck was taken to a hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.

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