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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: What became of the abused pit bull terrier ‘Bubba’?

What happened to the abused pit bull terrier, “Bubba,” whose owner was sentenced to prison for animal cruelty? Has he been adopted?

– Multiple Sacramento Bee Readers

The dog dubbed “Bubba” had a fractured skull and snout, trauma to his right eye and face, and was suffering from a massive infection when he was impounded by Sacramento Animal Control authorities in October 2013 and immediately transported for treatment.

The dog’s owner was convicted of animal cruelty, assault and criminal threat, and sentenced May 16 to 15 years and six months in prison.

Sacramento County spokesman Zeke Holst said that when Bubba was well enough, he was released to a foster care home to continue his healing and recovery.

“It is not unusual that foster care providers find they can’t live without their charges, and that is what has happened with Bubba,” Holst said. “He has been adopted by his foster care provider and lives in a safe and loving environment.”