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Grass Valley hotel bust results in 15 arrests

Grass Valley police arrested 15 people on various drug and gun charges at a hotel.

The arrests occurred on May 30 after police learned that people were staying at the Holiday Lodge on East Main Street who were not registered. Police suspected they were involved in narcotics.

Officers arrived at 7 a.m. and entered a room and then another that was supposed to be vacant. Other rooms were also contacted.

Through that investigation 15 people were arrested on variety of charges, including suspicion possession of controlled substances and firearms. Police believe the suspects were using the rooms to take drugs.

Police confiscated methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, firearms and ammunition. A hidden trap door under the carpet in one room led to a storage room.

A police dog identified through scent that narcotics had been in the vicinity of the trap door. It would appear that the door would be used as an avenue for escape or to hide narcotics, said Sgt. Jason Perry.

Perry said that there was enough information to lead them to believe that Holiday Lodge manager Dawn Olson knew what was occurring. She was arrested on suspicion of maintaining a place for the use of controlled substances, Perry said.