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Folsom police recover $85,000 worth of stolen bikes after sting operation

Folsom police announced that they recovered $85,000 worth of stolen bicycles Monday following a sting operation that involved purchasing a stolen bike.

The 17 Trek bicycles, valued at approximately $5,000 each, were in a trailer that was stolen in April from a Folsom-area bicycle store. This month, Folsom detectives located an individual selling a bike that they believed was one of the stolen bikes and a meeting was arranged, according to a Police Department news release. Detectives determined that the bike was stolen and arrested Ishkan Amirkhanyan, 36, of Citrus Heights.

Police said Amirkhanyan had with him additional bicycles from the April theft. Detectives then obtained a search warrant for his home in Citrus Heights, and there they found 15 additional bikes from the April theft, according to police.

Amirkhanyan was booked into Sacramento County jail on suspicion of possessing stolen property.

Investigators are still searching for additional stolen bikes. Anyone with information regarding people who may have bought a bicycle from Amirkhanyan is asked to call Detective Timothy Galovich at (916) 355-7241.

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