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Marchers against big money in politics arrested at Capitol

A march from Los Angeles to Sacramento to protest big money in politics ended with arrests late Sunday night outside the Capitol.

The march by the organization 99Rise began May 17 when activists left Los Angeles on the trek north to Sacramento. They arrived at the Capitol Sunday morning.

At about 11:30 p.m. Sunday, after being warned by officers that they should leave the Capitol grounds because they were part of unlawful assembly, 14 protestors were taken to Sacramento County Jail, according to 99Rise spokesman Curt Ries.

Ries, one of those arrested, said that fellow protestors spent the night in jail, after being booked on suspicion of unlawful assembly, failure to respond to an officer’s lawful order and holding an unpermitted demonstration.

A dozen people completed the entire march. Ries joined the march in Fresno when there were 15.

A demonstration at the Capitol on Sunday included about 300 people after the final leg of the march from South Sacramento. 99Rise organized the march to protest “out-of-control political spending of a small, wealthy elite.”

U.S. Supreme Court decisions have enabled wealthy donors to contribute even larger amounts to candidates, according to the group.

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