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Citrus Heights police release names of officers involved in recent shootings

Citrus Heights police have released the names of officers involved in two recent shootings.

On March 2, Sgt. Jason Baldwin and Officer Alexi Fanopoulos fatally shot Gabriella Nevarez, 22, after she allegedly rammed a police cruiser with a stolen car following a pursuit and another collision in which she rammed a patrol car. Baldwin is a 13-year veteran and Fanopoulos a 10-year veteran.

On May 23, officers Joseph Davis and Christopher Bosson fatally shot Jason Wilson, 42, after police say he ignored officers’ verbal commands, exhibited “violent and irrational behavior” and was seen reaching into his waistband. Police had chased Wilson from a residence where witnesses reported to 911 that a man was assaulting a female.

According to a more detailed account provided by police Tuesday, officers in a law enforcement helicopter following Wilson saw him moving in a “crouched” position and appearing to reach into his waistband, making him appear armed. Officers eventually confronted him in a dead-end, low-lit area at a nearby school. They later reported that he turned to face officers again in a crouched position, reached into his waistband and pulled out a black object, said Lt. Ryan Kinnan. Davis, a 13-year veteran, and Bosson, a five-year veteran, fired, fearing for their safety, Kinnan said. He said the black object turned out to be a case that was “long and slender” and “very similar to that of a barrel of a handgun.”

Both incidents are under investigation by the District Attorney’s Office, which will determine any criminal liability on the part of the officers.

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