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Report of mountain lion near Sierra College trail prompts warning

Sierra College officials issued a notice Tuesday urging students and staff members at the Rocklin campus to use caution after a mountain lion reportedly was sighted in the nature trail area.

The notice said officers patrolled the area and were unable to confirm the sighting. But officials noted that the nature trail area is inhabited by sometimes dangerous wildlife. They encouraged people to avoid using the trail in the evening and early morning hours.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife advises people who encounter a mountain lion to:

• Remain calm.

• Do not run, as running may stimulate the animal’s instinct to attack.

• If possible, slowly back away.

• Make eye contact and do all you can to appear larger. Wave your arms slowly and speak in a loud voice.

• Throw stones or branches if you can reach them without bending down.

• Fight back if you are attack and try to remain standing.

• Do not approach the animal.

Sightings or encounters with mountain lions on the campus should be reported to the Sierra College Security Office, (916) 660-7120.

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