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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: What was outcome of 1980s gang shootout in Del Paso Heights?

There was a gang shootout between two sides in Del Paso Heights in the ’80s or ’90s. I think it was over gang-related territory. What was the outcome and who was involved?

– Sarah, Sacramento

The Bee’s archives include an account of a running gun battle through the streets of Del Paso Heights in February 1988 that involved feuding cliques of a North Sacramento gang.

Four men were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, and two others, including a 17-year-old who was wounded, were booked on suspicion of firing a gun at an occupied building.

Police said Michael Esquivel, 23, and a 17-year-old allegedly fired several shots toward a house in the 500 block of Hayes Avenue shortly after 11 p.m.

Four members of another faction of the Varrio Norte Sacramento gang then jumped into a car and a 10-minute chase ensued. The pursuing gang members reportedly fired a number of shots into Esquivel’s car near Interstate 80 and Norwood Avenue, and the 17-year-old suffered a minor wound to his shoulder.

Sacramento police officers stopped both cars near Northgate Boulevard and reportedly found a sawed-off .22 caliber rifle in the pursuit car. Two more rifles were found nearby.

Arrested on suspicion of attempted murder were the four men in the pursuing car: Leon Peralez, then 21, David Peralez, 26, Avery Adkins Jr., 22, and Mark Guadiana, 26.

According to Sacramento Superior Court online records, Adkins was found guilty by trial of having a firearm in a vehicle during the commission of a gang crime and sentenced to 16 months in state prison. Leon Peralez pleaded guilty to the same charge and was sentenced to 45 days in custody and five years probation. A misdemeanor charge against Guadiana was dismissed after conviction and he was sentenced to five years probation. Online court records revealed no charges in the case against David Peralez or Esquivel.