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Small fire along American River Parkway sends people fleeing

A fire along the American River Parkway this evening was small compared with other fires that have occurred along the parkway in recent weeks, but it was of particular concern because people were reported to be in its path.

Sacramento Fire Department spokesman Roberto Padilla estimated that the fire off La Riviera Drive, just east of the Howe Avenue overpass, burned less than 2 acres. But he noted that in addition to the bike trail, this is an area of hiking trails, where people may be recreating. Before firefighters arrived, he said, they received reports of people in the pathway of the fire.

It is difficult for firefighters to alert people in the area when such fires occur, Padilla said, noting that access to the fire was difficult at this location. Firefighters had to extend hoses typically used in wildland fires into the area.

People who had been in the area were gone when firefighters arrived, and Padilla said there were no reports of injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.