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Sacramento residents come out swinging at prowler

The discovery of a prowler at a residence in southeastern Sacramento erupted into baseball bat swinging and gunfire.

Sacramento police said that a man heard sounds outside his home in the 6200 block of Power Inn Road near Elder Creek Road about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. When he investigated, he found a man near the gate leading to his backyard.

A fight began between the two with the resident being joined by his son in the struggle. The prowler then ran to his vehicle being pursued by the two from the home who had armed themselves with baseball bats. They used the bats to pummel the prowler’s vehicle until the suspect got out a handgun and shot at them.

Undaunted, they followed him until he shot at their vehicle. At that point, they returned home to call police.

The prowler got away. He was described in a police activity log as a black man, 25 to 30 years old, wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt and black shorts.

He was last seen driving a gray Ford Aerostar van with the rear windows smashed out.