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Four arrested after rear-end crash, shot fired in Oak Park

A motorist impatient with a slower moving vehicle ahead rear-ended the car and then fired a shot during an altercation in Oak Park Monday afternoon.

Police said that the driver got agitated waiting for a car to move out of the way near 20th Avenue and 38th Street about 5 p.m. Monday. The driver was so impatient that he intentionally rear-ended the car.

Then, someone inside the vehicle that hit the car fired a shot, striking the car in front but not the passengers inside. The vehicle with the shooter then fled.

Officers in the area heard the gunshot and found the victims. When officers found the car from which the shot was fired, three of the four people inside ran away.

A firearm was recovered and the lone remaining occupant of the car was arrested. The other three who fled were tracked down and also arrested: one tried to blend in as a bystander, another tried to pay somebody to drive him through a police perimeter and a third was found hiding, according to a police activity summary.