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Flare gun fired into face of man in Redding

A knife was no match for a flare gun in Redding when a dispute was settled by a shot from a snub-nosed distress-signal pistol into a man’s face.

Redding police said that Leroy John Davis, 33, from San Antonio, had suspected Trevor James Cearley, 23, a local homeless man, of taking his backpack and fleeing.

Davis eventually caught up with Cearley and confronted him about the backpack. Investigators said that Cearley armed himself with the flare gun, commonly used to shoot flares into the air as a distress signal.

Fearing for his safety, Davis armed himself with a knife. It was then that Cearley shot Davis in the left side of the face, according to a police press release.

Cearley fled only to be arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon later by Redding officers. He was out on probation and prohibited from possessing any type of firearm, flare guns included, according to police.

Davis went to a hospital for treatment.