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Man pleads guilty to girl’s 2010 murder in Citrus Heights

A man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder today in the rape and murder of a 17-year-old girl four years ago in Van Maren Park in Citrus Heights.

Anton Adolf Johnson Jr., 23, is facing a 40-to-life term as a result of his plea in the killing of Rebecca Layson.

“It’s a good plea for us,” Supervising Deputy District Attorney Rod Norgaard said of the sentencing agreement approved by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Helena R. Gweon.

Norgaard said Layson’s family “wanted this disposition very badly. I think it is an offer and an amount of time that is commensurate to his conduct. We listened carefully to the victim’s family’s desires.”

Johnson had been facing a maximum term of life in prison with no chance in parole. The judge scheduled Johnson’s sentencing for Oct. 3.

Authoriites said Layson went to the park with friends the night of Feb. 11, 2010. All of the friends left later in the evening except for Layson, her boyfriend and Johnson. When Layson’s boyfriend became incapacitated due to alcohol, Johnson raped, tortured and killed her, prosecutors said.