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Ask Sacto 911 Crime Q&A: When will defendants in Old Sacramento New Year’s Eve shooting go to trial?

On New Year’s Eve 2012, two people were shot and killed in an altercation in a bar in Old Sacramento. Two men and a woman were arrested. When is this case going to trial?

– Jacqui, Sacramento

Three people were arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of 35-year-old Gabriel Cordova and 36-year-old Daniel Ferrier at the Sports Corner Cafe in Old Sacramento on Dec. 31, 2012.

Carlito Montoya, 23, and Charles Wesley Fowler-Scholz, 35, are charged with murder in the case, and Fowler-Scholz’s wife, Amber Olivia Scholz, 37, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. All three are being held in Sacramento County Jail. According to Sacramento Superior Court online records, their trial is set for Nov. 6.

Police and prosecutors have said that the fatal shootings occurred after Amber Scholz reacted angrily when Cordova accidentally spilled beer on her. She allegedly told her husband to “go get” Cordova, and Fowler-Scholz reportedly smashed Cordova in the face with a beer bottle. While the two men wrestled on the floor, authorities said, Ferrier, an Iraq War veteran who worked in security for the bar, headed to break up the fight. As Ferrier approached the men, Montoya allegedly walked up to Ferrier and shot him, then turned and fatally shot Cordova as well.

Cordova’s wife and another security employee in the bar also were wounded.

The shooting occurred while Old Sacramento was crowded with people watching New Year’s Eve fireworks shows.