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Burglars ring first, steal later in Roseville

A Roseville woman who ignored a ringing doorbell probably gave the impression to burglars that nobody was home, police said.

A resident in north central Roseville heard someone ringing her doorbell several times about 10 a.m. Sunday but decided not to come to the door. Shortly after that, she heard come commotion downstairs and went to take a look.

She surprised two young men in hooded sweatshirts unplugging her living room television. The burglars grabbed the TV and ran.

One fled in a car and the other ran away. Officers could not find the suspects.

Burglars often ring the doorbell first to see if anyone’s inside, according to a Roseville police newsletter.

“If you’re concerned about opening the door to strangers, don't, but do make some noise -- yell that you can’t come to the door, turn your music or TV up loud, or run the vacuum cleaner -- anything to signal that someone is home,” the newsletter advised.