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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: Was anyone charged in alleged road-rage attack on radio sportcaster?

Were there ever any charges filed regarding the KFBK sports guy who was involved in a road range incident up on Interstate 80 a few years ago?

– Joe, Citrus Heights

A father and son were charged with misdemeanor battery in the alleged 2010 road rage attack on KFBK sportscaster Pat Walsh on Interstate 80 north of Auburn.

But a Placer County jury in 2011 found John Patrick O’Neill and his son, Cory Taylor O’Neill, not guilty.

According to stories in The Sacramento Bee, Walsh had said that he was driving east on the freeway near Applegate on June 1, 2010, when men in a sport-utility vehicle that was pulling a car dolly came up quickly behind him and started yelling and flashing obscene gestures. Walsh said he pulled over when the SUV did not slow down and then cut off his vehicle. During the confrontation, Walsh said he was punched in the face and body, and thrown down an embankment.