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Dixon man found guilty in mortgage fraud case

A federal jury in Sacramento on Monday found Hubert Rotteveel, 52, of Dixon, guilty on one count of mail fraud stemming from Rotteveel’s role in a mortgage fraud scheme.

According to evidence presented at the trial by prosecutors Jean Hobler and Justin Lee, Rotteveel acted as a real estate salesperson for 13 properties in Dixon purchased by two buyers. The government’s evidence was designed to show that he inflated the values of the properties and worked with loan officers to provide false information to lenders about the finances of the buyers.

All 13 properties were used as rentals, with Rotteveel collecting the rents. He netted more than $300,000 in seven months. According to the government, the lenders were victims, losing more than $3 million when the properties went into foreclosure.

This was the third guilty verdict by a federal jury in Sacramento in a mortgage fraud case in the past four weeks. Anna Kuzmenko, 33, of Sacramento, was found guilty Aug. 29, and Alan Tikal, 46, of Brentwood in Contra Costa County, was found guilty Sept. 15.