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Animal services officers remove 36 cats from bedroom of Woodland home

Yolo County sheriff’s animal services officers are investigating a possible case of animal hoarding after approximately 40 cats were found in a locked bedroom of a Woodland residence.

Animal Services received a call Monday from Yolo County Child Protective Services saying the agency had information about cats locked inside a room. Officers responded to the residence in the 300 block of North Pioneer Avenue, where they found the cats in the enclosed bedroom. They said it was difficult to determine the exact number of animals because of boxes of personal items that were also stored in the room.

Sgt. Mike Nevis said Animal Services took custody of 36 cats. Traps were placed at the residence in hope of catching the four or five cats that have eluded capture. After visually inspecting a few cats that willingly came up to investigating officers, it was determined that the animals required veterinary care.

Although some of the animals were suffering from severe dehydration, none of those in custody has died or had to be euthanized, Nevis said.

“It now looks like all will survive,” he said.

A few kittens were found dead in the room, he said, but no bodies of adult cats were found.

Nevis said the woman in charge of the cats has a history of animal hoarding and has been the subject of previous Animal Services investigations. He said her name was not being released because the investigation in this case has not been completed and no charges have been filed. The home currently is deemed uninhabitable.

Limits on the number of animals allowed at a residence vary by jurisdiction, Nevis said, but in the city of Woodland, no more than six domesticated animals are allowed at a typical home.

Nevis said he expects all the cats eventually will be available for adoption.