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Fact sheet on Calfire plane that went down Tuesday near Yosemite

Cal Fire operates 22 other Gruman S-2T air tankers like the one that crashed Tuesday fighting the Dog Rock fire near Yosemite National Park.

The pilot who died has yet to be identified as officials contact all immediate family.

The National Transportation Safety Board will be conducting an investigation into the crash of the plane that was based out of the Hollister Air Attack Base.

Facts from Calfire about the workhorse S-2T air tankers:

Original owner: Navy.

Calfire aquisition: Calfire obtained 26 of the planes from the Department of Defense in 1996. The state converted the planes for firefighting, outfitting them with modern, powerful turboprop engines.

Mission: For fast initial attack with fire retardant.

Crew: A pilot

Payload: 1,200 gallons of retardant

Maximum operating speed: 270 mph

Range: 500 miles loaded, 800 miles empty

Wing span: 73 feet