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Dixon police chief says officer lucky to be alive after shooting

The Dixon police chief said Thursday that one of his officers is lucky to be alive after his squad car was shot up by a teen.

“When you look at that police car and see those bullet holes coming right through that back window right at the driver’s seat, it is gut wrenching,” said Dixon Police Chief Jon Cox.

Just after 9 a.m. Wednesday Dixon police dispatchers received a call from the principal of Dixon High School that there might be an armed teen in Dixon’s Hall Memorial park.

Police units responded to the park near the high school. One officer was in the process of exiting his police car when a teen approached.

The teen fired numerous times into the police car from behind, narrowly missing the officer. The officer returned fire and the teen fled.

Officers converged on him about 350 yards from the shooting scene. The 15-year-old teen dropped the gun when ordered and he was taken into custody.

Nobody was injured.

He was booked into Solano County Juvenile Hall on charges that included suspicion of attempted homicide of a police officer.

“It is unknown what his intentions were,” said Cox.