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Police investigate BB gun shooting at light rail

Police are investigating a BB gun shooting Wednesday night at the Fruitridge light-rail station.

A man described as in his late teens or early 20s fired a BB gun into a train as its doors opened at the station, apparently hitting another man. The incident occurred at 11:40 p.m.

The victim was not identified, and appeared to be uninjured, said Norm Leong, a Sacramento city police officer and head of the Regional Transit security force. Leong said police do not know if the shooting was targeted at someone or indiscriminate.

Leong said a guard in an adjacent train car stepped out of the car and shouted at the man with the BB gun. The shooter then fled on foot with another young man.

Leong said he has dispatched extra officers in that area to see if they can find the two men. The person who was shot apparently continued riding on the train when the doors closed and the train took off, Leong said.

Police have reviewed light-rail videos of the incident, but said the person with the BB gun and the person with him both were wearing hoodies, making identification difficult.