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Explosive devices located outside Roseville middle school

A homemade device exploded near a custodian at a middle school in Roseville and a second suspicious device was located nearby.

A custodian at Warren T. Eich Middle School discovered a dry ice bomb at 6:42 a.m., two hours before the start of classes. The device detonated, but there were no injuries or damage, said Roseville Police Department officials. Initial reports said the custodian slightly injured a hand in the incident.

Roseville police located a second device and removed it without incident

The middle school was briefly evacuated for a campuswide search by the Roseville-Rocklin Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit. No other devices were found, according to police.

The California Penal Code section 16460 classifies homemade devices like dry ice containers, breakable containers that contains a flammable liquid and other projectile devices as “destructive devices.”