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Police report missing 10-foot Rocklin python found

Rocklin snake in warm enclosure
Rocklin snake in warm enclosure Courtesy of Rocklin police

A big missing snake in Rocklin has been found and may soon be removed from the city, according to police.

Rocklin police Monday night reported that about 8:30 p.m., officers were told that the 10-feet-long reticulated python that recently escaped from its Rocklin owner had been found.

The non-venomous constrictor was found on the property of the owner, apparently not venturing too far from home after slithering away. The owner is considering having the snake live outside city limits in a “suitable facility,” according to a police news release.

Pythons are not considered a danger to humans, but they do feed on mammals in the wild such as rats – and in urban areas they have been known to squeeze, then eat, cats and dogs.

The area where the reptile went missing and was later found was given by police as the 5300 block of Delta Drive in Rocklin.

“While Rocklin PD is very animal friendly, we are pleased this slithering reptile has been located and his adventurous escapades have come to an end,” said police Lt. Scott Horillo. “We do not believe the community was in any danger, but we continue to review whether any laws have been violated. We are pleased to report the snake committed no crimes while lurking away from his owners.”

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