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Ice cream shop burglar prompts shutdown of Elk Grove retail complexes

The Elk Grove Police Department maintained a perimeter around two Laguna shopping complexes Thursday for roughly four hours in pursuit of a burglar who wasn’t found.

At 5:30 a.m., Elk Grove police were asked to respond to a burglary at the Cold Stone Creamery on West Stockton Boulevard, just off Highway 99. When officers arrived, the man fled, dropping the items in his hands. Police describe him as white, roughly 6 feet tall and wearing a brightly colored vest or jacket.

About 6:15 a.m., an officer noticed somebody on the roof of the Best Buy across the street from the Cold Stone Creamery. The sighting prompted officers to set up a large perimeter around both shopping complexes.

“It was a weird chain of events,” said Detective Casey Robinson. “It’s unknown whether the person who was across the street on the roof was the suspect from the burglary across the street or someone totally unrelated.”

By 10:15 a.m., officers decided to break down the perimeter after completing a thorough search of both complexes. Officers searched the rooftop of the complex on the Best Buy side, as well as inside all the businesses, but were unable to find the burglar.

Detectives are working to see if they can identify the burglar based on details about his appearance, as well as evidence left at the scene. Investigators are still going through evidence, Robinson said.

Because it was an interrupted burglary, and officers saw him drop the items, Robinson said it’s likely that nothing was stolen from the ice cream shop. There was also no indication that the man was armed, but because burglary is a felony, Elk Grove police found it necessary to create the perimeter.

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