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Prank closes Elk Grove Wendy’s, Five Guys

A prankster Monday night made phony phone calls that resulted in spewed fire suppression discharge and the closure of two Elk Grove restaurants.

The first call was made around 7:20 p.m. to a Five Guys restaurant, 9257 Laguna Springs Drive. The caller asked restaurant staff to pull the activation handle in the kitchen to “test” the fire suppression system.

The caller assured restaurant staff that no discharge would be released because it was only a test. What followed was a discharge of a suppression agent that created quite a mess.

The same prank call occurred at about the same time at Wendy’s, 8871 Bond Road, with the same messy outcome. However, a similar prank call to Panera Bread, 8519 Bond Road, failed because the manager declined to pull the handle.

In the case of a fire, a discharge of fire suppression agent can save a building from going up in flames. However, in the case of the Five Guys and Wendy’s prank calls, the resultant mess caused the restaurants to close Monday night to clean up and have a technician recharge the suppression system, according to Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department officials.

Also, a county health inspector was required to view the premises to make sure the restaurants are adequately cleaned after the prank call mess.

Firefighters responded and helped with some cleanup. Fire Department workers and Elk Grove police continue to investigate who made the calls.

Bill Lindelof: 916-321-1079, @Lindelofnews